Tax Havens

What Would Jesus Tax?

In the face of state and federal budget cuts, many of us have been fasting and contemplating the question: “What would Jesus cut?“ In light of tax day, however, we might equally contemplate: “What would Jesus tax?” 

After all, a great deal of our budgetary stress is the result of declining revenue, thanks to the economic downturn and decades of tax cuts.

Unnecessary Shutdown, Unnecessary Austerity

Government must stop doling out ever-larger tax breaks to the superrich and vast corporations.

Have you heard? America is broke, according to many governors and lawmakers.

They're calling for deep cuts in teacher pay, firing cops, slashing medical services for working-class kids, and scrapping other essential services to narrow state and federal budget deficits.

A Grassroots Call to Tackle Corporate Tax Dodging

The growing use of offshore tax havens drains treasuries around the world, including developing countries attempting to provide services for their own citizens.

 Across the United States, there is a new movement emerging to dramatize the immorality of corporate tax dodging in the face of drastic budget cuts.

General Electric: King of the Tax Dodgers

General Electric Company -- known for its light bulbs, refrigerators -- and lately, for its nuclear reactors -- is one of the country's biggest tax dodgers.

 Congressional Republicans are about to cut the Tsunami Warning System from the National Weather Service budget. But if General Electric paid their fair share of taxes, we could reverse this and billions in additional budget cuts.

General Electric Company -- known for its light bulbs, refrigerators -- and lately, for its nuclear reactors -- is one of the country's biggest tax dodgers.

Stop Corporate Tax Dodging: Talking Points and Background Information

Most of us pay more in taxes than many U.S. corporations, and corporate tax avoidance has increased dramatically in the last 50 years.


“Do You Pay Your Taxes? Bank of America Doesn’t”

The latest from a growing international movement to make corporate tax dodgers pay … so public services don’t have to.  

 In 2009 and 2010, according to their SEC K-10 report, filed on Friday, Bank of America paid no income taxes. Meanwhile, the federal government and many state governments, facing large budget shortfalls, are cutting services and benefits that help the poor and middle class. For many people, that just doesn’t add up.

Pay Up, Corporate Tax Dodgers

We're chumps unless we force Congress to stop tax haven abuse.

 Instead of cutting state and federal budgets, the United States should crack down on the corporate tax dodgers thumbing their noses at us.

Across the nation, states are making deep cuts that will wreck the quality of life for everyone to close budget gaps that total more than $100 billion.

SOTU: Use Newfound Corporate Tax Revenue to Invest in America

Some of this revenue should be used for long overdue investments in education, health care, and energy retrofits.

 In his State of the Union speech, President Barack Obama zeroed in on the ways that corporations have gamed the tax code, saying: 

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